Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Early morning ramblings

It's 4 am.
I've been up since two so
Here are my thoughts so I can go back to sleep

Brads in the range this past two weeks (including the rest of this week?)
So he has been getting up at 2 am to
Be there on time. Only thing? He doesn't wake up that well. He is not a morning person so he's enlisted me to help him. Like I need any more reasons to be up in the middle of the night

Ps were having a baby! 12 weeks today I say this now because of our history with miscarriages. So it's sort of this all clear week this week. And then into the second trimester.
Not so many symptoms, sore boobs. I get sick if I don't eat.
And I feel like I'm starving every two hours.
I'm starving now... My stomach won't shut up.
I've been hungry since like 2:30 hence the reason I couldn't go back to sleep originally.
I'm too tired to get up and eat though so I'm just going to lay here.

I've been on Instagram. Checking out baby wraps and other pregnant mammas.
I want brightly colored skinny cropped maternity jeans. Do those exist? I'm not into spending tons of money on maternity clothes but my last pair of "fat" jeans found themselves with a giant rip near the back pocket... Soo I've been in my maternity shorts, and yoga pants.

I love yoga pants.
I'm sure other people don't love seeing me in my yoga pants when I run to the store.
Run? Not literally because that's not happening. I drove.

Is the hair on my head actually growing? Because my leg hair won't stop.
Why did I cut my hair all off?
I loved having long hair.
It's growing back slowly.
Can I add any extra vitamins to my daily ...um regimen?

No matter how many pillows I wedge behind me, or between my knees I can't seem to stay comfortable and find myself on my back. That habits gotta break soon,
Any other pregnant mammas have any tips on that part?

I'm going grocery shopping today. Tonight? Tomorrow? Well when brad gets home I'm going.
I should eat before I go. I really need to stick to the list. Right now?
I want frozen yogurt. A bagel with cream cheese, some turkey lunch meat from r&r and some apple fruit punch juice.
I shouldn't go hungry to the store.

I'm so tired!
All. The. Time.
Being a baby factory really takes it out of you!
The dogs will be up in three hours. I really need to go to sleep.

I bet if I went swimming on would get tired. The pool doesn't open for like four more weeks.
Oh man I need a new swimming suit.
My top is wayyyy to small now.
I should probably find a cover up too...
I'm sure no one wants to see me In a swimming suit either.
... Except bee. I know he would.

It's only Tuesday.

I'm 12 weeks pregnant :)