Wednesday, September 25, 2013

31 weeks

We're getting there! 

Dear Brody. 
Hey! This week has been... Wow. 
Rough! And amazing! And everything in between. Daddy was fixing the jeep... Banging on stuff with a hammer. The noise made you flinch. Every time. It was cool and then I realized it was probably pretty loud for you so I went inside. 
I got your crib sheets! I'm a giant slacker on account of I'm so so tired! 
My belly moves most of the day while your awake. You like country music and you either hate George Straight or love him. This song "give it all we got tonight" came on... You punched or kicked so hard my hands jumped off my belly. 
You've been getting so big it's starting to be uncomfortable. 
I still love you though! 

Xoxo mommy

A few people ask how much longer we have until your here. Then tell me we aren't going to make it that far... Do I really look that big? 

I know I feel like I am. 

Left is from January. Before we were pregnant. Right? That's almost 8 months pregnant

I feel like a cow

I know I know. It's water weight, I'm having a baby, I'm not being hard on myself I'm just being honest about how I'm feeling. 
I know it'll go away too and it's all worth it! 

Symptoms: this list has GROWN 
I realize I had. A very smooth first and second trimester. VERY smooth. I deserve a little now.

Swelling (like professor clump transplanted his legs onto me. From my knees down I'm gigantic. I'm trying to get ahold of my doc today actually because I'm a little worried about it. 

Itching, like intense intense drive me cray wake up scratching at my stomach like its the end of the world itching. A had a freckle on my belly.. I have a scab now. In have so many stretch marks its insane. But I can't stop itching. I've tried so many things. Google has convinced me I have puppps. I know... I shouldn't google my symptoms but seriously.  

My belly button is starting to pop out. (This is both amusing and disgusting to me. If you know me personally you know that in have a huge problem with belly buttons.) 

Back aches, guys my back HURTS. I know there's a lot of extra weight all in front but this sucks. I've tried warm baths and that helps for maybe twenty minutes and then once I get out and I'm done its hurting again. 

Carpal tunnel!? My hands hurt. They are numb. I almost burnt myself to death dropping the curling iron the other day because with couldn't hold it. 
My hands are numb right now typing this. 
I can't make a full fist. I wake up and can hardly take my synthroid because I can grab it. 
And forget about opening ANY bottle. 

Aches and pains, my hips are so sore. I can't get comfortable in bed no matter how many pillows I wedge around me. My belly is uncomfortable when I stand up because of the way Brody lays. It take a ahold minute for it to adjust so I can stand up straight

Okay I was so lucky in first trimester not getting all that sick. But now!? I lay down in bed and feel like I'm going to throw up. I move anywhere and feel like it. I keep my Tums beside the bed in case anything starts to come up. I don't know if it helps or not really. 

Exhaustion. Like I can't keep my eyes open! No amount of coffee or diet Pepsi helps. 

33 weeks

Hoolllyyyyy cow! 
Seriously? 33 you guys. 

Same as last week. Back aches contractions. uncomfortable all the time hips ache. Hands are so numb and thingy all the time. When I wake up they ache. I feel like an old women. Let's add on heart burn. And being hungry. And oh how about this fantastic cold/ allergies that have crept up outta left field?? 
Seriously. My head feels like it's going to explode. Luckily my dr prescribed me some meds that are safe during third trimester. They just help dry up the faucet that has made the right side of my face flood. Um... Can we be done with this now? 

Cravings. Food. In general. I'm super hungry this week. PB&J is a new favorite. I use the natural PB and sugar free jam. 
Super yummy. And I would eat them all day long if it was good for me. What else.... Oh my pumpkin creamer packs (they didn't have it in a bottle!? So I bought the little single serve things) 

Dear Brody 
Hey little bee! My big ol pineapple! 
18 inches and 5 lbs. that's like the size of a baby! Like an actual baby bee. I'm so excited! In all actuality you could come now and be very well off. And while I wouldn't hate it, let's wait. I hit that magic number. The one I didn't want to hit. I'm bummed. Everything else looks good though and your measuring right on track. 
Your room is about 85% done!! 
I've gone on this crazy nesting phase this week. 
Love you! 
Xoxo mom 

Full reveal coming soon. 
Or almost full... We have a very special chair traveling from michigan that belonged to Brads gramps. 
And just a few other things but I promise ill do a full reveal soon----ish. 


32 weeks

Hey little bee! I can't believe this is going so fast! It's 8 weeks till your due date. If you came now the hospital were having you at would be able to take care of you with out making us go somewhere else. But let's not take that as a sign to come now? Although I'm starting to feel super uncomfortable i would like you to cook a little longer. 
I love you! 
Xoxo mommy

Back aches
Cramps (contractions???)
Sore hips
Swelling hands and feet 
Carpal tunnel? Numbness
Itchy belly and legs an feet and back and hips 

Nothing unusual still
I'm loving diet Pepsi. 
I'm also loving coffee 

All in all this week has been good to me. But I am ready for it to be over. Closer to little man arriving! 

That's all! 
Oh happy fall! 

Monday, September 16, 2013

30 weeks

Hey y'all, one of these days ill be so good at updating this every week. 
So 30 weeks!!!

Symptoms: back to being super tired! 
Seriously I wake up and I'm good and then I'm like woah! I thought I was ready to wake up!? 
Belly is definitely growing... And itchy!! 
Seriously y'all, it's so bad. I wake up in the middle of the night itching. 
Cravings: knowing I can't have something has been interesting. But if I have it in moderation it's okay. 
Like triple stuffed Oreos?

He's definitely OUT there! 

I've been doing pretty good with my diet for watching my carbs. My sodium. And keeping track of my sugar. Not too bad if I do say so! 

Hey little bee!
How's it going in there? You feel like your trying to break out sometimes. Can we chill for just a little longer? Go ahead and get comfy (In the most considerate way possible please) because you've got at least 7 more weeks until your ready!
They say your brain is growing every single day and I can't wait to help you learn new things every day. 
Mommy loves you! 

Had my gestational diabetes class

I'm doing everything the way I'm supposed to! 

I was the only person there....

An example of a good breakfast for me... No more fruit in the am meaning

 This breakfast, oat meal made with pb, honey and bananas is a no go :( too bad because it was my favorite. 
I can still have it for lunch...
Speaking of which... I think I might have that today!