Sunday, March 20, 2011

Red Fridays

I am a sap
I cry over everything
romantic movies
sad movies
funny movies

But I dont think it lessens what each and every event that makes me cry is about
I just have alot of emotions

I just found this link
and im sitting here cheeks wet
sniffling my little heart out
because it hits so close to home..

everytime I see a service member reuinited with his family I burst into tears
every single time

and so to read this story and feel the impact of how amazing this could be
ahhh! im crying even thinking about it!
I think you should go check it out

Its called RED FRIDAYS
When you ask a service member what you can do for them, they all reply
give us your support and your prayers

but lets do more
lets wear red every friday until they all come home

theres even opportunity to create something to support them!
what can you make thats red? if that was your only guideline for a craft was that it had to be red, and wearable...what would you make?

I know im going to do it you should check it out even if you just want to read a good story

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Thursday, March 17, 2011

excuse me while i...

Im going through a bit of a rough patch right now
including...BUT NOT LIMITED TO
loss of sleep
bad dreams
feeling generally down in the dumps

im just scared.
Im upset,
Im not inspired right now.
I dont feel like doing anything
I cant even think about making anything
all I want to do is sleep
which....isnt working out so well.
I feel like im not doing anything all
and im really scared that im going to fail...once again

I wish that I could just snap my fingers and feel better
that all my worries would just dissapear
that I could just close my eyes and everything would magically be simple
but its not that way
I cant snap my fingers and make it better
I cant close my eyes and wish it away
im not a little kid anymore...hiding under the covers from monsters
Im an adult..
My problems aren't monsters hiding in the closet
they are real life adult problems.
and so...
im sorry to say that I need a break.
If I do have any readers..then I want to say im sorry to you. I dont know how often im going to be posting ..

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Monday, March 14, 2011

LMM and La Posh Style

Ashley over at LMM is giving away a 25 dollar gift card!! to La Posh Style!
they have the CUTEST dresses and cardigans...also some amazing amazing boots!
i seriouslly want every one of the dresses!

so go check out the giveaway

and also check out their facebook page

and shop

then leave Little Miss Momma some love!

Hope I win!!! cross your little fingers for me!!
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Sunday, March 13, 2011


Interesting weekend
We went to a Pre St.Patty's Day/Going Away/Vacation party on friday
Me& Bradley
see the love? :)

and YES! we did find St. Patty's Day mistle toe!

Saturday we hung out and went to the mall
we got Singstar! preetttty funny! I added some videos to my facebook....which took an HOUR!
Hope that works, BUTTT if not just send me a friends request and then you can see all of them!
We had a few friends over and had some INTERESTING singing and Dancing!
and now...Its SUNDAY
my funday, cause its not monday....(just go ahead and sing that part :))

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Thursday, March 10, 2011


So its our weekly game night tonight, and im so excited because we have a few new people coming!
does anyone else ever have a game night?
Its so much fun, and its a great alternative when your trying to save money!
we have a ton of games and we decide on a game to play once everyone gets here!
its always a ton of fun!
I'm hoping we can squeeze in a round of Balderdash because its one of my newest favorites!

"Game on Garth!"....anyone?
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Monday, March 7, 2011

I've been featured!!

SO omw This is SO SO SO cool,
I've been featured over at A diamond in the stuff!
Courtney over there emailed me yesterday and out of the 55 posts she had she liked mine and a couple of others stood out to her too! they were all really cool ideas, but a few she really liked so she made a post for the"stars"! Go over and check it out, its seriouslly so so cool
did I mention that its COOL????
Makes me want to get to work crafting other things!!
so i can put up tutorials and share with everyone other cool ideas!
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Friday, March 4, 2011

a little Ketchup hehe

So Steph got here around 12:30 am on wednesday.
we Have done lots of catching up,
a thrift store trip where we found a cute mirror for her bedroom, some old shirts for a project, a little beagle figurine, and a cute set of pillow cases and a matching sheet (the cutest floral pattern!
We watched You Again last night
and we made some headbands...or rather I made headbands and she took a nap
heres how they turned out, sorry I dont have a tutorial for them! BUT I got inspiration for them from this tutorial from LMM

I promise I'll put up a How to next week sometime!
I made one for my sister, my cousin, my brothers girlfriend, a good friend from HS, and ME!

Plans for the weekend include
Going out to dinner tonight
POSSIBLY going Mudding
hopefully a game night
a trip to the mall
and then what ever else our little hearts desire!

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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

She's on her way!

SOOOOOO my lovely cousin is coming to visit me!!!
she's driving down today all the way from MICHIGAN!!
I am so excited for her to get here..
were going to have super duper fun!
We dont really have anything big planned
but we will find ways to entertain ourselves!
She has been my best friend since we were younger
we dont even need to do anything to have a great time
we just laugh and laugh
ahhhh! did I mention im excited??

isnt she pretty?
so anywho, she left her house around 10 am which means she wont be here until late tonight
but I have plenty to keep me busy until she gets here
I have cleaning to finish
I have to put away the dishes that have been sitting in the dishwasher for three days
I need to vaccuum ( I still dont think I spell that word right)
because B loves to track dried up mudd all through the house
I have some NCIS to catch up on

oooh and our little baby birds from the bush in front of our house are FLYING!!!  I put some tortilla chips out there for them to eat..because ALL baby birds love tortilla chips ..right?
and they are just sitting out on the patio enjoying a snack!

And heres a give away!!
you can check out the official rules
thats the adorable 'mini wallet' I want
She is giving away a $10 dollar credit to one lucky reader!! 
here is her BLOG
Go check her out if you haven't already!

so anyhow happy tuesday!!
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