Sunday, December 29, 2013

Week 9 aka my baby is two months old

Dear beetle. Week nine was a lot. 
It was your second week in Michigan and it was cold and icy and it was just a lot. 
But we bundled you up and we had a blast at three different Christmas parties! 
You had a full belly most of the time and hardly ever cried. Which by the way you only cry for three and a half things. If your hungry, if your diaper is dirty or being changed and if your uncomfortable. 
We are so lucky with you. 
Passed out milk drunk. 
Meeting Santa for the first time. Your Santa was a badass and had piercing a and a neck tattoo hahaha we loved it. 
Went out to dinner at Fridays. Fridays is a restaurant your papa Tim is in love with right now. You'll notice he goes through phases of different places that he loves. Currently it's Fridays. So Fridays is pretty cool. They have red and white stripes just like this and so when they saw papa Tim's grand baby sporting their stripes they all freaked and wanted to keep you to work there. 

Snuggles with mommy at the eucher party at your great uncle Steve and great aunt mos house. 
Chug racing with your cousin tommy. He won, but only because you got distracts and stopped eating. 
The three amigos. Henry tommy and you. 

Waiting to go get our family photos done. Daddy was being a grump as usual. He hates having photos done but he loves me so he does them anyways. 
Your first Christmas tree! We snipped a little piece off for your time capsule. 
Your hands may still be tiny but they are growing fast. Mom needs to do your hand prints like maybe today. 
Breastfed babies are the best babies and you are one stylish dude. 
Getting in on game night. 
And sleeping in with daddy the next day. 
Merry Christmas beetle!! We prayed for you for a long time and this year Jesus and Santa and God himself got together to bring us you. You are our rainbow baby our goodness after the pain. Our happiness after sorrow. We lost three before you and I was so scared we would lose you too. But once we hit three months and then four. Five. Six. I knew you would be coming to love us.  
Thank you for growing. Strong and big and perfect and beautiful. We love you!! 
Papa Tim got you your first Christmas ornament. 
Some tummy time. All your aunts are jealous because your cousins hated tummy time. 
And here we are! You yor great aunts and cousins and monkeys too. 
You and me! 
I can't get over this hoodie on you. 
And you guys all got the same outfit for Christmas. Aunt Stef thank you! 

Nine weeks beetle. 
Time is going so fast. You like kisses and standing and cuddling and eating. You smile and giggle and hold your head up and hold your hands. Your in size one diapers now and 0-3 month clothing. You get so mad sometimes but calm right down when I feed you. Sometimes your binkie works too but a guarenteed volume control is good food

Lots of love b man. 

Week 6

Oh my sweet little beetle
Week six was a little rough for you. We woke up Thursday morning (happy thanksgiving) and you were sick. Stuffy and congested, a temperature of close to 100 too. You were so upset and I felt horrible for you. We sat in the bathroom with the hot shower running to try and loosen up your congestion. Nurse advice suggested saline drops so we tried those and the bulb syringe to clear out your nose. You cried and cried when we did that. 

It was so sad. You felt better though! 

So then Friday morning we woke up and you were pretty stuffed up again, same with Saturday. Saturday morning you were so sick. Your temp got up to 100 and we brought you to the emergency room. Luckily your temperature went down and they didn't have to do all the scary tests. 

Lots and lots of cuddle time and nose sucking and temperature taking. 
Today you are a lot better but your still kind of stuffy so we have been taking your temp and nose sucking as we need to. 
I hope you feel better soon my sweet boy. It's heartbreaking when you feel so bad. 

I love you very very much. Thank you for my birthday card. 

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Week 8

Beeeeetle boy! 
8 weeks old. Man! This week has been good. Were still in Michigan and you've had about a million and one different people to meet for the first time. And your so sweet about it. Hardly fussing at all. Your aunts and uncles all love you very much! You like sleeping and eating and smiling. 
Your gramma jan loves you more than anything and it's so special that you get to see her. 
We brought you to her work and there were probably 25 people gathered round to see you and hold you. She is so proud, see your photos all over her desk? 

Polar bear and camo. 

You met your cousins Tracey and Stephanie and your great aunt Kathy. That's Brady there with you. And Tracey is his mamma

And this was hilarious. You kept sticking your little butt up in the air and tuck your knees under and fart. And beetle boy. Your farts are not little or quiet. 

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Week 7

This week has been full of fun stuff. 
We have gone for a few walks and you absolutely love it. The vibrations from the bumps on the cross walks make you smile so big. 
The ladies at the store absolutely adore you too. So it's been fun to walk there and let them ooh and ahh over you. 
We have been packing too because were heading home for the holidays! 
That's been pretty interesting with you wanting to be held all day. Which I do NOT mind. 
I haven't got any photos from this week on my phone because I just emptied it all into the computer for our trip. 
We had your doctors appointment too and you are growing so well!! 
Your a big ol 10 lbs and 4 oz now and 23 inches long. Dr Staub said that you look more and more like your daddy every time he sees you. 
Handsome little man. 
Love you! 
Ps. You love kisses!! 

Friday, November 29, 2013

Week 5

Baby BEE!!
Happy five weeks little man, and happy thanksgiving!
This week has been so much fun! You've started sleeping even longer at night and and you have started to like playing! 
You do bicycle kicks, and love getting kisses. You smile so big and open those gorgeous little eyes wide open and you talk like a chipmunk :) 
Oh it's soooo cute. You love to sleep with mommy and daddy too. 
You had your first tornado watch which was pretty fun. We go into the downstairs bathroom when ever that happens and hang out on the couch cushions. You ate the whole time lol
Oh man. I love you beetle! 

Thursday, November 21, 2013

37 weeks

37 weeks 
Dear baby bee

Today were at the naval hospital waiting to find out if your going to be coming by induction. I really hope so. So much. I just want to hold you and know that your safe. They keep going back and forth in the labor and delivery unit telling me I have preeclampsia and then saying I don't. And with the headaches I've been getting it really scares me. Your whole family is waiting to meet you little man. You've already got the biggest fan club cheering you on. 
Xoxo mommy

Elevated BP
Back aches 
Something I think is called lightening. It feels like your head butting me in the pelvis. 
You also get this idea where moving out of my belly in the most awkward and uncomfortable angles is fun. It's not. I promise. 
Still fighting with this ear infection. Not nearly as bad but I still can't hear out of it. 

Not much actually. My heads been hurting so bad that I've missed a few meals because of how awful I feel. 

New news: 
Thunder cats are a go. They have officially diagnosed me with severe preeclampsia. I'm waiting for paperwork to be admitted.