Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sunday ♥

Happy Sunday!
We spent the day relaxing, napping, watching tv, quick trip to goodwill...with no happy finds :(
ONLY because it was B's first thrift trip and he wasn't getting it? so no luck there...maybe next time i'll go by myself but after we left He surprised me and stopped at DQ to get ice cream!
It was amazing out

Im sorry for the confusion (mostly MY confusion) on the design here guys.
I really want to get it down JUST how I want it!
to my THREE lovely followers, thank you!! thank you!! thank you!!

so pardon me while I go back and forth on the layout, colors, header....and yess even the signature..
I'll get it all down soon and then we can all breathe and start to enjoy this whole blogging adventure!

and..if you could let me know..what ya think? leave comments!

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Thursday, February 24, 2011

I have a confession.....

This could easily turn into a vent sesh, but ill try to keep on track promise
Its 4:40 in the morning and my feelings are so hurt I cant sleep
It starts yesterday (the good part)
I had such a good day
slept in (actually i just pushed snooze about a million times and finally decided to just turn off my alarm)
spent some time on my NEW computer
reading all you lovely ladies blogs, where I learned this {putting links into the clicky words!}
and found some neato things in common with her {both of our hubbs are marines, and stationed here! }
and made a cute painting in which my father in law would dissaprove of my carpentry skills
{I used a screw to drill a whole, watered down acrylic paint to stain a board, and a shoe to nail a few holes}
nonetheless it turned out cute, and I felt like I could conquer anything! {ill share pictures once it gets light out enough so I dont need my flash}
I cleaned the guest room for my guest whos coming next week
finally folded all of our laundry
and a bunch of other random things no-one cares about

so the hubbs got home, and hopped in the shower like normal
I went to get a towel from under the sink and he goes 'hey'
'hey hunnee! how was work?'
'okay, what did you do today?'
'um, {paraphrasing because I just told you it all}'
'oh, ok'
'so um yeah, im starting dinner now'
so he finishes his shower, and then I have to go search for his missing pants
and then when dinner's done I go tell him
this is where it starts to slide downhill
hes passed out, I didn't really care, because sometimes work takes it out of him and he's wiped so I told him I was going to eat
'uh huh'
so I did, I ate dinner alone
and then I waited an hour before putting his food into the refrigerator
and then waited another our to go see if he wanted to get up so he would be able to sleep last night
and then realized he wasn't getting up
so I watched tv..alone
and then decided I would go to bed
and a little light shined and I thought it would be okay
he turned over and snuggled up to me, and kissed me good night and told me he loved me

and this is the bad part
I couldn't fall asleep at first
and by first I mean...for two hours I layed in bed not being able to sleep
and then finally at somewhere around 1 am I did
then just three measily hours later.. b's alarm goes off
and we commence our morning routine
he gets ready and I stay curled up in bed, but watch everything he does
'hunnee, dont forget your wallet right there'
'i KNOW!'

hear the breaks inside my head screaching...what?!
maybe its just because we are a different species
but that sort of felt like a slap in the face
here I am being sweet loving wife, not minding that you were exhausted last night
not minding that you slept through my delicious dinner
not minding that I had to watch How I met your mother alone
or two and a half men alone
and you SNAP at me? for reminding you to not forget your wallet?
well excuse me

so I rolled over, and cuddled up to my teddy bear
and he finishes getting ready and leans over the bed and kisses my cheek
and then leaves..

and heres the confession
I take things too  personally
I know I do this, and yet I still get upset over them

he did just send me a text message telling me he loved me { he does this when he knows hes been a morning jerk to me }

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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Cheers to my momma

I talk to my momma everyday.
I call her when I need to know how many eggs to put in the potatoe pancakes
I call her when I need to know how long to cook the chicken so its done all the way through
I call her when I want to thank her for the letter and cards she sent to me
I call her when I need to know if this sounds like a good idea
or that sounds like a good idea

and then yesterday she told me she was proud of me
and I needed to hear that
because latley I haven't felt the greatest
and I haven't felt like I've been doing anything right
and it felt amazing to hear her tell me how proud she is of me
how happy she is that im doing such a good job of taking care of the hubbs
and making him dinner
and doing his laundry
and organizing our new apartment
she thinks i've become a lovely little house wife
and I almost cried

I haven't always been the bestest of daughters
we haven't always gotten along
but over the past few years
I have grown to know how much my momma loves me
and how she would go to the ends of the earth for me
and so Cheers to my momma

So call your mom right now
or if your lucky enough to go in the other room
or down the street
or across town
and give your momma a big ol hug
and a big smackaroo right on the cheek
and tell her how much you love her
because as some of you know..
your momma might not always be there for you
to tell you how much she loves you
or how proud of you she is

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Its time to rise and shine...and a give away

Good MORNING Lovelies!
When I was younger I went to summer camp and our counselor was the sweetest prettiest girl and so funny.
she sang this song to us every morning and ..yes.. I still sing it years later
I think when you hear something you love, that makes you smile, and makes you oh so happy you.. just...sorta remember it for the rest of your life
I wanted to share the song with you, and instructions on how to sing it
it goes like this
Good morning Good morning Good MORNING its time to get out of bed, Good morning Good morning Good MORNING its time to rise and shine!

now when singing this lovely little tune, you HAVE to sing it at the TOP of your lungs.
doing so will give you the right tune. It sounds silly, and you look silly doing it, but believe me,
its music to your loved ones ears...well maybe not everyones ears..
like my hunneee who pulls his pillow over his ears the moment he hears the first Good, or the second Morning..but I know he really loves it.
as did my younger brother when I had to peel him out of bed when in high school he insisted that he needed someone to wake him up because..'he couldnt hear the alarm going off'
so sing this song to your loved ones,
or even sometimes I do when I wake up,
or when My dear friend El texts me in the morning with
 a big beautiful GOOOOOOD MOOOORNING!
and im sitting in front of my computer and im all alone, I sang it to her

and venture over to Miss Elizabeths blog to enter in a give away!

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Sunday, February 20, 2011

A little Home town Love ♥

Today im a little homesick and decided to cure it with a little project for you guys!
Its super easy, i think it took me like 20 minutes to complete, and its adorable!
heres what you will need::
  • A frame, I got mine from the dollar store, its just a 4x6 but you could use any size, this would look cool if you made it larger too!
  • A map of your state, or any place that is special to you! if you are planning a trip somewhere and want to remember it forever grab a map while your there!
  • embroidery thread, or yarn, I used two colors U of M colors, because were from Michigan, I wanted to use our football teams colors
  • embroidery needle, trust me its a pain trying to get the thread into the tiny eye of a regular needle
  • scissors
  • a pen or pencil ( I suggest using a fine tip because you dont want too big of a line after the thread is on there
  • and a work space

Step one:: remove the glass from the frame and place it on the map where you want to work, I chose our hometown. this works because you can see through the glass to tell whats going to be showing in the end.
trace around the glass with your pen or pencil.

Step two:: Cut along the line

Step three:: use your pen or pencil to draw a shape over the map. I chose a heart, but you could do a star, circle, really anything! you could do one heart, with one color and then do a larger one in another color!

Step 4:: take your needle and poke holes along the line, space them as far apart as you would a stitch. this is the most important step because this is where your stitches are going to go, and if you dont poke through before its a pain in the you know what to stick it through while your trying to do your stitches.

Step 5:: now just sew through the holes, I just went through each one down and up, because I was planning on doing the second color, but if your only using one color, make sure to go through each hole so there arent any spaces between the stitches.

Step 6: I just left the ends loose but if it makes you feel better you could tape them down in the back, but its going to be in a frame so i dont really know how it could come undone in there...

Step 7: place your 'art' in the frame and hang it up! or set it on your desk at work, or your night stand..

im doing a collage wall right now, so im going to mix this in with all of our photos and any other projects.
let me know what you think!

Thursday, February 17, 2011


I went to Barnes and Noble last week and picked up a copy of A daily creativity journal 365, a couple black sketchbooks, and some new markers.
Now my original plan was to follow along with the book and do SOMETHING in the journal everyday for a year...BUT the sketchbook only has 280 pages...which I have started to do a drawing a day based on things ive done that day. yeah I know this is nothing like my plan so im thinking of starting something new..any ideas? I see everyone who does the 365 photos a day and all the different versions, like taking a photo of yourself everyday, or taking a photo at the same time everyday, or a certain spot everyday to see how it changes over the year. And since I have this great camera, and haven't really been using it I think something like this might be a good idea for me, to really get to know my camera.. im just not sure. I am going to participate in the 30 days of lists project found on
this might help me get organized, and work out a schedual for the blog, so that its not so speratic..  let me know if you have any ideas

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

houston..we have a problem

Hey, im so sorry that I haven't posted in forever. my lap top decided it was too worn out to work anymore and then I had to wait for our new computer to be shipped..
were currently in the process of moving into a new place and everything is in storage.
staying at a friends house for a couple days so im not sure if ill be able to post but ill for sure try to!