Sunday, February 20, 2011

A little Home town Love ♥

Today im a little homesick and decided to cure it with a little project for you guys!
Its super easy, i think it took me like 20 minutes to complete, and its adorable!
heres what you will need::
  • A frame, I got mine from the dollar store, its just a 4x6 but you could use any size, this would look cool if you made it larger too!
  • A map of your state, or any place that is special to you! if you are planning a trip somewhere and want to remember it forever grab a map while your there!
  • embroidery thread, or yarn, I used two colors U of M colors, because were from Michigan, I wanted to use our football teams colors
  • embroidery needle, trust me its a pain trying to get the thread into the tiny eye of a regular needle
  • scissors
  • a pen or pencil ( I suggest using a fine tip because you dont want too big of a line after the thread is on there
  • and a work space

Step one:: remove the glass from the frame and place it on the map where you want to work, I chose our hometown. this works because you can see through the glass to tell whats going to be showing in the end.
trace around the glass with your pen or pencil.

Step two:: Cut along the line

Step three:: use your pen or pencil to draw a shape over the map. I chose a heart, but you could do a star, circle, really anything! you could do one heart, with one color and then do a larger one in another color!

Step 4:: take your needle and poke holes along the line, space them as far apart as you would a stitch. this is the most important step because this is where your stitches are going to go, and if you dont poke through before its a pain in the you know what to stick it through while your trying to do your stitches.

Step 5:: now just sew through the holes, I just went through each one down and up, because I was planning on doing the second color, but if your only using one color, make sure to go through each hole so there arent any spaces between the stitches.

Step 6: I just left the ends loose but if it makes you feel better you could tape them down in the back, but its going to be in a frame so i dont really know how it could come undone in there...

Step 7: place your 'art' in the frame and hang it up! or set it on your desk at work, or your night stand..

im doing a collage wall right now, so im going to mix this in with all of our photos and any other projects.
let me know what you think!


  1. thanks! Its a good project for you since your a sicky and your snowed in! <3

  2. This is a really great idea! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Stopping by from My Yellow Umbrella. Saw this on Vintage Revival....I am in love with this project! Can I fit the whole state of Texas into a frame somehow?? Nicely done. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Thanks for commenting Cindy and Alina!
    Alina:: YOu could for sure fit a map of texas! You just need to finda frame thats big enough to fit the map. YOu can usually find big old frames from thrift stores for under 10 dollars! Then just put hearts around all your favorite cities!

  5. Really love this! Bookmarking it for later! Would love it if you got a chance to swing by my blog sometime too!

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