Saturday, November 3, 2012

DIY flat makeover

the weather in North Carolina is getting cold. my toes don't want to wear sandals anymore and all my shoes are.... old. We are on a budget.. just like everyone else. so funds for new shoes are not at the top of the list. I should have thought about that before getting two new coats.. Oh well the crafter in me fueled by coffee decided that I could easily transform a pair of my old beat up flats and keep wearing them... no washing them didnt cross my mind. and I love the way they turned out!

you are going to need an old pair of shoes, a sharpie, and something to stuff the shoes with so they are easier to draw on.
I used tissue paper, because it was sitting next to me. But you cold use paper towel or newspaper.
my shoes were fabric flats from the little girls section at target.

I picked this mum shaped flower because its very easy to draw, it looks nice repeated and overlapped. and the shoes already had a floral print to them making an interesting background. so just pick a starting point, and start your pattern. and keeeeeep drawing it. again and again. until you have covered your entire shoe.

then repeat on the other shoe.
then feel awesome for just saving your husband $20 dollars.
I would love to see if any of you do this!

xoxo jenn

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