About me

Everything you ever wanted to know about me...and then some :)

Im Jenn
im 25 yrs old
I started this blog so I could share the ordinary day to day of my life
to share my LOVE of crafting
my silly thoughts
my life lessons
and any of the other random ideas that pass through my mind each day

Im from Comstock Park, Michigan
but I live my life far away from my family
I've always been an adventurer
and so when my boyfriend wanted me to move to be with him
all thousand something miles
I said YES
and I packed up my little life
and moved away from
My family
My friends
My job

But it was the best choice I've made
my Boyfriend asked me to marry him
and I did
we had a very small courthouse wedding
we had dinner with our witnesses
and we stayed at home
I LOVE weddings
and I get to have my very own
pretty dress
and party
and decorations
ONE day

So now I am a wife
My husband is a Marine
and I love him more than anything in the world
he makes me feel safe
he loves me and all my little quirks
he takes care of me
just as I take care of him