Tuesday, May 3, 2011

tiny gifts

It seems like Spring and baby showers go hand in hand
I have so many friends who have been blessed this year to become pregnant
and are now throwing their showers and I couldn't be happier for all of them!
that being said
My crafty crafty side has been able to go wild and I have been creating baby gifts for them all!
My brother and his wife are having a baby boy
My best friend through high school is having a little baby boy
and a new but dear friend Laura and her husband are having a baby girl
I've taken this time to get to know my sewing machine and have been able to create some
amazing things, baby bibs, a little military style hat, blankets, stuffed toys
Ive learned a few new techniques for other things too
flowers for little head bands
iron- ons for little onsies
and cute boxes to put the gifts in!
after all I think one of the best things about presents is the wrapping.
I spend a little extra time wrapping gifts because I think that the presentation of the gifts is almost as special as the gift itself

I am going to share the gift to one of the little bundles of Joy for my friend Laura and her husband Yoshi (ps how cool is his name?)
they are some of our dear friends that I have met since coming to live here in North Carolina
they have since moved back to California, and I wish I could go to the shower but Its just not going to be able to happen
SOOO im sending her this special little package even though I cant be there in person
I hope she enjoys it as much as I enjoyed making it!
here is the happy couple
and they are expecting Layla Mae in the next few months
she is just the cutest pregnant lady too, she is TINY and alll baby
I made Layla a little head band and a onsie
im also working on a little pink and yellow giraffe for her too..but as of this minute she has no legs...so im not going to share that :)
I made a pink flower head band  
this cute box using a tutorial found here
I cut some green tissue paper into "grass" strips and stuffed the little box

then "planted" the flower inside

I cute out a simple four petal flower from some pink paper, punched a hole in the center, and then threaded a larger clear bead onto some white cotton yarn, put both ends through the flower and then tied up the package. Bend the petals a little to create a nice look

the onsie I made using heat and bond new sew iron on stuff, I cut out the little shapes and ironed them onto a newborn sized onsie
the design is simple to the one she used in the tutorial, but I thought it was so cute, and PERFECT for a little girl!

all my box saving left me with the perfect sized box to fit the onsie
I couldn't just send it like that so I pulled out another piece of paper matching the one I used to make the origami box. and hot glued it to the top part of the box, wrapping it like a gift and gluing where I thought needed it.
haha please excuse the cherry coke in the back ground.. crafting makes me thirsty!

 now, there are two matching boxes, that are adorable and "springy" and "girly"

just a little something that I can send all the way to California since I cant be there to celebrate with them!

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