Friday, November 2, 2012


I cant believe that it's Friday already. 
But to be honest with Bee on his new schedule I hardly ever know what day it is, so I'm not entirely sure why I'm surprised to find that another week has flown by

I'm going to start doing a Insta-Friday post where I show some of my favorite instagram pictures from the week. 
sound good? 

 I got a few Pallets this week. I cant tell you how excited I am about this.. 
I have been wanting them for probably about a year now.


 One of my favorite snacks in the fall...or really anytime is apples and caramel dip.

 Surprise lunch date with Bee. He took me to Chinese on Halloween and they gave us some candy!

Greek it? or leave it? I tried it for the first time the other day and wasn't really a big fan. I drizzled honey in and it was much better.. hopefully the other flavors I got will be better. one of my followers on instagram suggested mixing in cucumbers or fresh fruit.. I'm going to try it out.

Cannot seem to beat this cold. I got the flu mist almost a month ago, and the following week got a cold. (I'm totally blaming it on the flu mist although I'm not sure it was related) I felt so much better a week ago and then all the sudden it hit me like a brick to the face again. I'm almost out of alka-seltzer again.

 Halloween... we weren't planning on handing out candy. then at 5:30 we decided we really wanted to. I headed out and drove about five miles an hour to the store here on Base. They were SOLD OUT of individually wrapped candy. Went out into town and found these cute little bones and some bubble gum. Traffic was horrible getting back on base because of all the trick or treator's.

 Do you ever read Little Chief Honeybee? She had this amazing outfit post the other day and I got super inspired by the color combo. A dusty lavender dress and a mustard yellow cardi with pearl buttons. I pulled out my buttons and popped the pearly part out and made a scarf with buttons! (i have a long shirt the same color as the dress.)

painted my nails with this pretty shimmery fuchsia color and used a matte top coat. then started prying old pallets apart. No worries. I have had two tetanus shots this year. ( I'm sure that's probably really bad... but I had forgotten I got one and when she was about to give it to me I was like WAIT IVE ALREADY HAD ONE! and because I was being such a baby she thought I was lying. I wasn't.)

Prying pallets apart in flip flops.. super safe...see previous picture

 The traffic heading back on base on Halloween.

 Its fall and I'm still wearing flip flops. I love North Carolina like that. 

xoxo Jenn

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