Thursday, January 27, 2011

DIY Rocker tee

I follow this blog by Promise Tangeman, if you haven't heard of her check her out, she is one of the most talented artists, and most driven individual. She has great style, and the most amazing faith in God.
Her website::
this is the link for this particular project, but check out her other stuff too! She is soo inspiring!

I did this in about 15 minutes this morning for something interesting to wear today.. I could have spent more time on it,, but I think thats sort of the point is a messy look..right?

so step one find an old shirt
Mine was thrifted last summer and since then..ive gained a little weight..which will hopefully be coming off soon! and so needless to say the shirt was a little tight and I thought I could do something to 'spice' it up!
step two
cut straight up the middle, I think you could also cut it on an angle or any other way to add a little more I said I was in sort of a rush so I did mine straight up the middle
step three, you want to add little slices on each side, I did mine about every 3/4 of an inch, you really want to make sure you put them right across from each other on the side, and you'll see why when you do it.

step 4 from another shirt I plan on doing this to, which happens to be pretty big I sliced off the bottom of the shirt, and then cut into a long piece your going to start at the top and 'lace' up the shirt,,just like you would your running shoes.. once you get to the bottom you might have extra..I had about half a foot on each side, which I tied in a cute little bow, you can however cut it off and tie it in a knot...really do what ever you think looks good!

This turned out pretty cool, and I plan on doing some more Tee reconstructing in the next few wardrobe is getting a little boring and...I need some new clothes!!
let me know if you do this!
and how it worked out for you!!


  1. I LOVE Promise Tangeman. This is such a cool idea! I always see her DIY's but never end up doing them. I need more free time. =) I hope you rock your new shirt, hard!

  2. Thanks! She is so inspiring! I first found her blog this summer and read the entire thing! She has got the greatest style ever, and so much talent. You should try them out ive done a few of them!