Sunday, May 5, 2013

12 going on 13

Week twelve is in the bag!
I'm a baby making machine!

Tired!! Seems like it doesn't matter what time I go to sleep, the baby wakes me up at 7 or before!
A little heart burn today.
Haven't really felt sick either!

Cravings: hot Cheetos, soft serve vanilla ice cream, and apple juice.

Maternity clothes: this week I pretty mug stayed in my yoga pants. I did squeeze into my only jeans that still fit... Only... They don't fit anymore! Even with the hair tie trick they are still tight! According to my baby book my uterus is moving up this week so it's understandable.
Seeing how I wasn't in the best shape before pregnancy I've already had a bump for a few weeks though.

We finally made the announcement on Facebook! I created this cute little picture to share our news with.
Got the baby some onsies and the cutest little tiny pair of sandals too!

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