Thursday, December 26, 2013

Week 8

Beeeeetle boy! 
8 weeks old. Man! This week has been good. Were still in Michigan and you've had about a million and one different people to meet for the first time. And your so sweet about it. Hardly fussing at all. Your aunts and uncles all love you very much! You like sleeping and eating and smiling. 
Your gramma jan loves you more than anything and it's so special that you get to see her. 
We brought you to her work and there were probably 25 people gathered round to see you and hold you. She is so proud, see your photos all over her desk? 

Polar bear and camo. 

You met your cousins Tracey and Stephanie and your great aunt Kathy. That's Brady there with you. And Tracey is his mamma

And this was hilarious. You kept sticking your little butt up in the air and tuck your knees under and fart. And beetle boy. Your farts are not little or quiet. 

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