Sunday, December 29, 2013

Week 6

Oh my sweet little beetle
Week six was a little rough for you. We woke up Thursday morning (happy thanksgiving) and you were sick. Stuffy and congested, a temperature of close to 100 too. You were so upset and I felt horrible for you. We sat in the bathroom with the hot shower running to try and loosen up your congestion. Nurse advice suggested saline drops so we tried those and the bulb syringe to clear out your nose. You cried and cried when we did that. 

It was so sad. You felt better though! 

So then Friday morning we woke up and you were pretty stuffed up again, same with Saturday. Saturday morning you were so sick. Your temp got up to 100 and we brought you to the emergency room. Luckily your temperature went down and they didn't have to do all the scary tests. 

Lots and lots of cuddle time and nose sucking and temperature taking. 
Today you are a lot better but your still kind of stuffy so we have been taking your temp and nose sucking as we need to. 
I hope you feel better soon my sweet boy. It's heartbreaking when you feel so bad. 

I love you very very much. Thank you for my birthday card. 

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