Thursday, November 21, 2013

37 weeks

37 weeks 
Dear baby bee

Today were at the naval hospital waiting to find out if your going to be coming by induction. I really hope so. So much. I just want to hold you and know that your safe. They keep going back and forth in the labor and delivery unit telling me I have preeclampsia and then saying I don't. And with the headaches I've been getting it really scares me. Your whole family is waiting to meet you little man. You've already got the biggest fan club cheering you on. 
Xoxo mommy

Elevated BP
Back aches 
Something I think is called lightening. It feels like your head butting me in the pelvis. 
You also get this idea where moving out of my belly in the most awkward and uncomfortable angles is fun. It's not. I promise. 
Still fighting with this ear infection. Not nearly as bad but I still can't hear out of it. 

Not much actually. My heads been hurting so bad that I've missed a few meals because of how awful I feel. 

New news: 
Thunder cats are a go. They have officially diagnosed me with severe preeclampsia. I'm waiting for paperwork to be admitted. 

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