Wednesday, August 28, 2013

27 weeks.

27 weeks
Dear baby bee,
I can't believe there's only 90 days left. That's like three months! The books say your 2 1/2 lbs and about 16 inches long. They say that you have started to dream too! I think that's so neat and I hope your dreams are sweet :)
We got your stroller and car seat, and are working in your room this week too!
Lots of love little man

Interesting week with symptoms and cravings. My feet are completely back to normal. 
NO swelling at all. It's really nice. 
I think been back home and not having as much food that I haven't Cooked has helped. 

It's all really trial and error isn't it? 

So my stroller... Im obsessed with it. I absolutely love it. 

It's the chicco cortina travel system in zest. 
Everyone I have talked to has NO complaints about it. And seriously!? How cute is it??

We got it on sale from Babies R Us. With a 15% off coupon. And all of the gift cards and money from our showers. 
So seriously thank you to everyone! 

He likes to chill on the side so my belly looks lopsided most of the time... 

Also got a changing table, the crib set up, and allllll of his clothes washed folded and hung up. 
Keep your eyes open for nursery sneak peaks soon!   
Okay and two more just because these two missed me sooo much while I was gone. 

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