Wednesday, August 28, 2013

28 weeks.

Dear baby bee. 
Um 28 weeks?! Do you know what this means!???? It means we are officially in the third trimester. That is craaaayyyzzyyy
It also officially means I need to bend over to see my toes. It means that your pretty much ready to go, still growing those little merman lungs though so stay in a while longer eh? I guess you can wink now which is really exciting. I jut learned to wink over the past two years so I'm not far behind.... Your buddy taught me how. 
So just one favor to ask? Can you kindly quit punching or stomping on my bladder? I'm sure you and everyone else thinks its quite funny when I need to stop what I'm doing and run to the bathroom but it can be pretty inconvenient. 

I love you anyways. 
Always and forever. Xoxo 

Something a little scary I failed the glucose screening test so I had to go back Monday morning to take the three hour test, it's not ANY fun. And made me feel sick all day. I was beat. I had a horrible headache (if you remember my doctor said (due to my blood pressure being high a couple times) that if I get a headache that does not go away with Tylenol to call them.) so I called L&D triage. (Labor and delivery) and told them what was going on. They said I needed to come in ASAP. 
Set me up with monitors to listen to you. You sound like a horse trotting. It's really cool. 
My BP was fine. They have me fioricet for my headache (is that spelled wrong?) it knocked me out so Brad had to come drive me home. 
Had some dinner and went to bed. Thank God 28 weeks is over it was a whirl wind. 

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