Wednesday, August 28, 2013

{29 weeks }

Dear Brody. 
Oh my little bee, your not so little anymore! Weighing in at almost three ponds and a whopping 17 inches from head to toe! I can't believe how much your growing and how fast it seems. Slow down a little will you? Still things we need to take care of in your nursery. But not to worry. I have a cup of black coffee so I'm going to be in there today. I love you my little kangaroo ninja! 

Sooooo at 29 weeks and 0 days I went to the naval hospital for my nutrition counseling for the study I'm participating in. 
She went over breast feeding with me and all the important parts. I assured her that's what we would be doing. 
Then she went to check with Dr. Staub about my glucose test the day before. 

They both came back to me together. 
To tell me I failed it. 
I have gestational diabetes. 
Not to worry though. My numbers weren't that horrible. 

Normal ranges are in (-)'s and mine are on the left.... 
See not too bad. Soo we are going to try and fix it with adjusting my diet. Counting carbs, portion control, and checking my sugars when I wake up and after I eat. 

So they sent me over to the pharmacy. 

With huge bag of "goodies" including a glucose meter, test strips, lancets, and  alcohol wipes. 
She helped me set it all up. 

I've got a journal to keep track of what I eat and when, how many carb choices I have, how much I ate. Then about two hours later I prick my finger and check my sugar. 
It's going to be a lot of trial and error to see what works and what is outof the   question. 
My body just isn't processing glucose very well so I have to watch my intake. 
It's not that huge if a deal because its for my Brody. 
I want him to be healthy. 
I want to have a normal vaginal birth. 
With a normal sized baby. 
I want to be healthy. 
And I want to set him up with good habits for life so he doesn't have any higher of a risk of being diabetic. 
I owe so so so many props to anyone who lives and manages with their diabetes well. It's a hard and very overwhelming thing to handle at first. But I know practice makes perfect and I'm determined to fix this with just changing my diet and exercising. 

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