Wednesday, September 25, 2013

33 weeks

Hoolllyyyyy cow! 
Seriously? 33 you guys. 

Same as last week. Back aches contractions. uncomfortable all the time hips ache. Hands are so numb and thingy all the time. When I wake up they ache. I feel like an old women. Let's add on heart burn. And being hungry. And oh how about this fantastic cold/ allergies that have crept up outta left field?? 
Seriously. My head feels like it's going to explode. Luckily my dr prescribed me some meds that are safe during third trimester. They just help dry up the faucet that has made the right side of my face flood. Um... Can we be done with this now? 

Cravings. Food. In general. I'm super hungry this week. PB&J is a new favorite. I use the natural PB and sugar free jam. 
Super yummy. And I would eat them all day long if it was good for me. What else.... Oh my pumpkin creamer packs (they didn't have it in a bottle!? So I bought the little single serve things) 

Dear Brody 
Hey little bee! My big ol pineapple! 
18 inches and 5 lbs. that's like the size of a baby! Like an actual baby bee. I'm so excited! In all actuality you could come now and be very well off. And while I wouldn't hate it, let's wait. I hit that magic number. The one I didn't want to hit. I'm bummed. Everything else looks good though and your measuring right on track. 
Your room is about 85% done!! 
I've gone on this crazy nesting phase this week. 
Love you! 
Xoxo mom 

Full reveal coming soon. 
Or almost full... We have a very special chair traveling from michigan that belonged to Brads gramps. 
And just a few other things but I promise ill do a full reveal soon----ish. 


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