Monday, September 16, 2013

30 weeks

Hey y'all, one of these days ill be so good at updating this every week. 
So 30 weeks!!!

Symptoms: back to being super tired! 
Seriously I wake up and I'm good and then I'm like woah! I thought I was ready to wake up!? 
Belly is definitely growing... And itchy!! 
Seriously y'all, it's so bad. I wake up in the middle of the night itching. 
Cravings: knowing I can't have something has been interesting. But if I have it in moderation it's okay. 
Like triple stuffed Oreos?

He's definitely OUT there! 

I've been doing pretty good with my diet for watching my carbs. My sodium. And keeping track of my sugar. Not too bad if I do say so! 

Hey little bee!
How's it going in there? You feel like your trying to break out sometimes. Can we chill for just a little longer? Go ahead and get comfy (In the most considerate way possible please) because you've got at least 7 more weeks until your ready!
They say your brain is growing every single day and I can't wait to help you learn new things every day. 
Mommy loves you! 

Had my gestational diabetes class

I'm doing everything the way I'm supposed to! 

I was the only person there....

An example of a good breakfast for me... No more fruit in the am meaning

 This breakfast, oat meal made with pb, honey and bananas is a no go :( too bad because it was my favorite. 
I can still have it for lunch...
Speaking of which... I think I might have that today! 

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