Thursday, February 6, 2014

Week 14

Dear Brody today I'm loving it just a little bit more after reading about baby Benjamin Sargent whose parents are Devils or something equally horrific. 
He was left in his car seat for eight days with no food water or diaper changes. He passed away because they couldn't take care of them. Or wouldn't who knows. I can't believe somebody couldn't love their child like I love you. It breaks my heart to know there's people like that in the world. I love you more than anything and I can't imagine anything less. 
This week was fun you have gotten really active kicking your little legs. We're going to get you a play gym so that you can exercise your little thunder thighs!! It's a Christmas present from your grandma Jan! You've also been clasping your little hands together like a little man, and it's so cute. And I mentioned this last week but I'm still so proud of you for nursing without the nipple shield! I feel like you get more that way and it's faster, less messy, and you seem to like it. Mom and dad bought a scale this week and we started by weighing you. 14.4 pounds!! My little champ. Dad has been home with us all week because of snow. They really aren't prepared for it down here so snow days when it snows an inch are for like a week long. You love to tell stories and get tickled. Your smile is so sweet and you scrunch up your whole little body. I think it's funnier for me than it is for you. And I love to tell you stories too. Happy 14 weeks little man mom loves you. 

This is the first picture that someone said that you look just like me. It made me so happy I could've cried lol 

We went grocery shopping and you slept the whole time. 

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