Thursday, February 6, 2014

Week 15

Photos from the week. 

Happy 15 weeks little man!! 
This week was so much fun... You found your yelling voice. And you used it. A lot. It is actually pretty cute. Yelling like a little mini Tarzan. And then you stop. And you giggle and smile your big grin. Your little dimples are the cutest thing. We also think that you might be starting to teeth. I know most people say it doesn't happen this early but you have been drooling buckets and chewing on anything that gets close to your mouth. It's pretty funny watching you go for your burp cloth, or a hand. You open your mouth wide and reach as far as you can to get it. You have mastered the half fist chew also. Which is pretty entertaining. Tuesday you were so fussy all day though, yelling and crying and getting really mad. Nothing seemed to help besides eating. I know that doctor told us to be careful of comfort nursing, but really I'm not going to let you just be upset if that will calm you. Your very healthy and that's all that matters to me. Oh, you have become a professional roller over-er. You go down for tummy time and next thing we know your in your back! So I roll you back over and bam! Your back on your back. It takes you no time at all to get there lol. You are also getting better at following us around the room. You can move your head so well now that you get to watch us! And when we look at you you get this huge smile on your face. I don't know what we would do without you baby boy. We love you so so much. 

Xo little man. 

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