Friday, March 4, 2011

a little Ketchup hehe

So Steph got here around 12:30 am on wednesday.
we Have done lots of catching up,
a thrift store trip where we found a cute mirror for her bedroom, some old shirts for a project, a little beagle figurine, and a cute set of pillow cases and a matching sheet (the cutest floral pattern!
We watched You Again last night
and we made some headbands...or rather I made headbands and she took a nap
heres how they turned out, sorry I dont have a tutorial for them! BUT I got inspiration for them from this tutorial from LMM

I promise I'll put up a How to next week sometime!
I made one for my sister, my cousin, my brothers girlfriend, a good friend from HS, and ME!

Plans for the weekend include
Going out to dinner tonight
POSSIBLY going Mudding
hopefully a game night
a trip to the mall
and then what ever else our little hearts desire!

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  1. Your headbands are so so pretty! I hope you guys have LOTS of fun!