Sunday, March 20, 2011

Red Fridays

I am a sap
I cry over everything
romantic movies
sad movies
funny movies

But I dont think it lessens what each and every event that makes me cry is about
I just have alot of emotions

I just found this link
and im sitting here cheeks wet
sniffling my little heart out
because it hits so close to home..

everytime I see a service member reuinited with his family I burst into tears
every single time

and so to read this story and feel the impact of how amazing this could be
ahhh! im crying even thinking about it!
I think you should go check it out

Its called RED FRIDAYS
When you ask a service member what you can do for them, they all reply
give us your support and your prayers

but lets do more
lets wear red every friday until they all come home

theres even opportunity to create something to support them!
what can you make thats red? if that was your only guideline for a craft was that it had to be red, and wearable...what would you make?

I know im going to do it you should check it out even if you just want to read a good story

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  1. I'm doing it! Even though I dont leave the house much right now!

  2. hehe me too! ooh I know ill send you a cute red headband!! or something equally sweet!