Tuesday, March 1, 2011

She's on her way!

SOOOOOO my lovely cousin is coming to visit me!!!
she's driving down today all the way from MICHIGAN!!
I am so excited for her to get here..
were going to have super duper fun!
We dont really have anything big planned
but we will find ways to entertain ourselves!
She has been my best friend since we were younger
we dont even need to do anything to have a great time
we just laugh and laugh
ahhhh! did I mention im excited??

isnt she pretty?
so anywho, she left her house around 10 am which means she wont be here until late tonight
but I have plenty to keep me busy until she gets here
I have cleaning to finish
I have to put away the dishes that have been sitting in the dishwasher for three days
I need to vaccuum ( I still dont think I spell that word right)
because B loves to track dried up mudd all through the house
I have some NCIS to catch up on

oooh and our little baby birds from the bush in front of our house are FLYING!!!  I put some tortilla chips out there for them to eat..because ALL baby birds love tortilla chips ..right?
and they are just sitting out on the patio enjoying a snack!

And heres a give away!!
you can check out the official rules
thats the adorable 'mini wallet' I want
She is giving away a $10 dollar credit to one lucky reader!! 
here is her BLOG
Go check her out if you haven't already!

so anyhow happy tuesday!!
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