Tuesday, January 22, 2013

insta ketchup

Its been a while since I have done an instagram post. so I'm going to post my favorite shots from the past few weeks...
also a little update of what I have been doing!

I started a really cool app called the Couch 2 5K. I really like it a lot. Basically it goes day by day up to 8 weeks and by that time you should be able to run a 5k! You can also listen to your music while its going, and it just beeps over the music and tells you to run, or walk. My plan is to get in great shape by the time spring rolls around.

Ive been playing with the dogs a lot. Buddy really enjoys my goofy sense of humor... or rather he puts up with it.

Ive been drinking lots of coffee to stay active. I have been so tired lately. and this has really helped me stay on top of the house work.

these little fingerless gloves have been making an appearance in my instagram feed for the past couple of weeks and its resulted in a few people asking to buy them! super exciting as The mister of the household has been kindly suggesting that I find a job. 
 I have been doing really well on my photo a day quest. as soon as my alarm goes off at 11:30 I snap a photo of what I'm doing at that exact moment. this one may be one of my favorites because of the colors.

I got to go see a concert and take some pictures of the band. they turned out really amazing. if you want to see more of them you can find us on Facebook at Le'Olam Photography.

I have been trying to Let Go and Let God. so I made this for a background on my phone. 

I have been drawing a lot lately. this was for a tattoo for one of my friends.

 Chelsea got in to see the doctor, followed by going to get registered to live on base. shes so nosy! oh and right after this shot she got down and pooped on their floor. I was beyond embarrassed because she NEVER does things like this.

lots of craftiness going on here.

I started seeing a counselor. I cant express how excited I am about this. I struggle with depression and anxiety daily and I'm excited to get it under control. I've already started feeling better and I've only had a few appointments.

started painting my nails again. after weeks of horrible peeled off polish I got inspired.

ANNND! I got a smash book! I am so stoked about this. I have already spent hours "smashing" it. and I'm not even close to being done. I don't have a particular theme. just what ever looks good.

soo. there's my long instagram post. I hope you like it. follow me on instagram if you want!


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