Monday, January 28, 2013

instagram, vine app, and news

Good Morning world. little to no sleep last night.
I went to bed around 10:30, then laid there for almost 5 hours...
insomnia much?

Does any one have the Vine app? 
I just got it last night and im LOVING it

in other news there seems to be pretty bad reviews for it.. I have only had one issue...two so far. 
I recorded myself getting ready this morning and it didnt work. meaning im just going to have to try again tomorrow to make it work 
and um... the bad news online is true.. there are some effed up people who are using it for porn. 

and Here are my INSTAGRAM pictures from last week

on top of doing my photo of the day everyday at 11:30 I also found this nifty app that reminds you everyday to take a photo of your self. then at the end of the year it puts them into a little movie for you.
I have ultimately decided that I should probably get ready everyday... I look like death in some of these!
the app is called Everyday

Chelsea has found a few new spots to be. shes almost always either here, on this bench in front of the window just like this, under the desk by my feet, on top of me, or laying by the back door. I dont think shes aware that shes not a puppy anymore.. 55 lb dogs dont make the best lap dogs... or under the desk dogs, or on top of small bench dogs.. oh well shes too cute to care.

Started selling some of my sweet homeade lovelies. 
Im in the works of creating a facebook page, getting business cards, and ultimately an Etsy shop. (waiting on that part though.

Super Maddy has offered to design the cards for me, I googled some amazeball ideas and sent them to her :) excited to see what her super talented self comes up with!

second order I have recieved a gigantic scarf, hat, and mittens. excited about the color combo with this one!

 Its been pretty amazing weather here the past week and a half, cold temperatures, and rain. I really dont enjoy driving at night or in the rain, put them together and I am a nervous wreck.

we are OUT of meals.. so our dinners, and lunches have been interesting. 

that's about it. 

Hope you are all having a wonderful time. 

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