Wednesday, January 16, 2013

junk drawer overhaul

Thought I would share with you how my desk junk drawer looks like... 

Exhibit A: a melting pot of everything I don't want on the top of the desk, there was a fork? the door stopper thingy, pens, markers, glue sticks, paper scraps, and a bunch of random craft supplies.
Yeah I know its pretty bad. I was sick of digging through to find what I needed. Plus I got one of those nifty plastic drawer organizers from Target. (on sale 17.99) to put all my craft supplies in, so I was able to empty out a bunch of drawers. Brad will finally be able to put stuff in here! Here's what I did. Ill share where I put everything else in another post.

First, I emptied the drawers out, and cleaned them out. I just used a dry sponge to "sweep" everything into the corner.. have you ever tried getting those little pieces out? the dust, and crumbs...(not sure where those came from) the paper scraps? its impossible.

Unless you use tape! I just wrapped some masking tape around my fingers sticky side out. and pressed into the corner.

Worked like a charm!

Then I used picture frames to hold things in place, sort of like little barriers! I made some little paper boxes via Pinecone Camp.
I like that things wont just be floating around to the back of the drawer now.
Hope this is interesting...

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