Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Week 10

Time is evading me beetle boy. It's like days are running together and your almost 11 weeks old already. 
You are so sweet and happy. You smile all the time and when your hungry? You cry. That's it. You cry when your hungry. You love to cuddle and it makes me so happy.  
We left Michigan and drove home. 
We were all happy to be back in our bed. You haven't been sleeping through the night still. 

But you wake up with this adorable smile and it's hard to be grumpy when I have you to play with. 

Your a pro at tummy time... If that means you fall asleep as soon as you get there lol. 

You get bigger every day. 

You make extremely funny faces. Your daddy and I laugh every day because your so cute. 

First kiss of the new year. You pooped out just before the ball dropped but woke up to get your New Years kiss and get some pictures taken. 
Grumpy face 

Love you beetle boy. 

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