Sunday, January 19, 2014

Week 11

It has been so cold this week. 
Your grandparents in Michigan are in single digits with negative windchills

I'm so thankful we live in the south because I would be scared to take you anywhere

I'm scared to even bring you to the doctors to get your shots and it a only 16 degrees here. 

A couple of our family photos we got taken while back in Michigan. 

Fast asleep in the morning.

After this picture we decided to make the dogs stay on the floor. They have no sense of personal space. 

Mornings are my favorite with you. 

Car rides put you to sleep. 

I made you an email address this week... 

That's Rocket. Rocket Laura Weeks. 
We have decided that she's your first girlfriend. 
Isn't she cute? 
We share a birthday. 
Her mom rocks. 

I love you baby

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