Sunday, January 26, 2014

Week 13

Dear Brody. 
Happy 13 weeks. Also tomorrow you will be three months old! 
You are more and more adorable every single day and your so much fun. 
This week you have decided you hate the nipple shield and you pull it off every time I try to use it. I think that you drink faster without it and that's maybe why? I don't really mind and I'm actually quite happy about it. However my nipples are pretty sore so if you could just be a little bit more gentle when you pirhannah boy yourself back on? Yeah. That would be awesome. You are now 13 lbs and 12 oz. that's almost 14 dude! Your 25 inches long 2'1" as I like to say it. Your little noggin is 17" around. 
Your getting stronger everyday and standing as much as possible! Seriously. Your gramma jan is amazed at how well you stand while holding our hands. Last night daddy was holding your hands as you stood in his lap dancing. It was so freeking cute! You were just laughing away. 

You have discovered your hands. You can suck your thumb but since you don't have the best control over them yet you usually end up with your whole fist in your mouth. It's pretty cute... And loud. By if it keeps you from needing your binkie I'm okay with it. 

You like to wake up before the sun rises. Usually around 6 am to eat. And USUALLY go back to sleep. However this morning you kept kicking and moving your arms around. Talking and giggling. So we have been up for a while. I'm super tired today but looking forward to our daily nap around 1:15-2:30. It is so nice to just cuddle up with you on the couch, let you eat lunch and then we fall asleep together for an hour or so. 

I cut my hair off this week for a few reasons. You make it impossible to have a shower where I can wash my hair. Or maybe my timing just sucks. But that's reason number one. Number two is since you have found your hands my hair often ends up wrapped around your tiny fingers and it's pretty painful to get you to release it. I think this is a good solution to both problems because it's quicker and easier to do instead of just a messy bun on top. Plus it's total mom hair. 

You spend a lot of time in the wrap this week. So much so that I actually felt the need to wash it. But it makes it easy to get things done around the house as you have recently become scared of your swing. Yesterday I figured out why. 
You kicked so hard that the swing bounced and you started screaming! I picked you right up and tried to calm you down but you were seriously frightened. It was pretty sad. 
A while later after you fell asleep I wrapped you up and stuck you back in so when you woke up you would be okay in it. It worked! 

Daddy had 24 hour duty the other day so we had the whole bed to ourselves. It was nice not to be squished between you both for a night. He came home still In uniform so I made him take a photo with you! 

Handsom isn't he? You too of course but man he's a stud. 
Tummy time pro these days. You are holding your head up sooo well! 

Eating makes you sleep. 

I think that's about it for this week. 
Tomorrow your going to be 3 months old. That's crazy to me. 

Lots of love baby bee 

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