Sunday, January 26, 2014

Week 12

Oh beetle boy!
You had a rough week this past week. You got your 2 month shots. A couple of weeks late but Dr Staub said it would be okay. 

We ran I to quite the snafu (is that spelled right?) in the morning that day. The woman in at the front desk in the lab told me I couldn't feed you in the waiting room. Offered me a chair in the back. I thought she was being decently nice until she lead us to the bathroom. I couldn't believe her. The BATHROOM!! 
I was so mad. 
It's not like you can even see anything when I'm feeding you. I pray that when you have children that breastfeeding is accepted. There are laws in place to protect us but she didn't care. I was too upset to say anything without causing a giant scene.

Then we went and got your shots. The corpman working said that to help calm you down after your shots I could feed you. Either in the room we were in or in the WAITING room! Proving that lady was a jerk.
You were such a champ though. Cried for like two seconds. 

You didn't feel so hot the rest of the week though. Lots of cuddling and loving on you. 
And lots of tears 
Your so cute though. 
You slept.. A lot! 

Gave me goofy looks and played a ton. You think I'm really funny. 

You also learned something awesome. 
We started out using a nipple shield to feed you because you were used to a bottle from being in the hospital. A few days ago you started sucking on my arm. I know funny right? But it got me thinking about trying to wean you off the NS and making feeding you easier!
You are a CHAMP! 

First time feeding without it and you chugged milk down like you hadn't ever had it. And fell right asleep. 

Oh and I'm sharing this next photo because I love it so much. 

That's about it bee

I love you forever and always 

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