Friday, March 28, 2014

Week 20

This is the week baby boy. Were heading out of North Carolina for ever. (Probably. Never say never though. Anything is possible. I've come to learn that over the years. 

Your daddy is having a hard time with us leaving. He's been a grumpy butt, just like you were last week. I don't think he's teething though....
So anyways. Your gramps came. He and your daddy went and got some of these little magic pills. 
Hylands teething tablets. They are seriously life changing. As soon as you start to fuss we pop a few under your tongue, they dissolve... And boom. Your all better. They take away your pain, your irritation, and it seems even your frustration! 
I will forever suggest them to everyone. 

Let's see.... Oh so we packed up the whole house, moved stuff to storage, cleaned, although we were busy we knew... This was the last week, and just spent some time hanging out. 
Sunday we finished the house, hooked up the trailer, said good bye to our friends and brought your daddy to his new house. We spent some time there cuddling and hanging out. We had dinner there, the dogs ran around. You thought that was really funny and laughed and laughed at them just walking around! 
It was special for your daddy to see that. You've been doing that more and more. 
When it came time to leave you fell asleep. Your daddy gave you about a hundred kisses and walked us to the jeep. 
And he cried. He put you in the jeep hugged me and cried and told me how much he loved us both and was going to miss us. Then he said goodbye to grampa and told him he better take care of us. And he ran around to our side again leaned over me and kissed you again. And kissed me. Beetle. This was the hardest thing I've had to do ever. It was hard when he deployed but this was ten thousand times harder. 
There's something about being a family and having to be apart that just rips your soul apart. He stood on the side of the road until we were gone and then sent me a message telling me how much he already missed you. 

The next 15 hours were hard. You were amazing and slept almost all night. You only woke up a couple of times to eat (your normal times) and we stopped for breakfast. Grampa Tim drove the whole way to Michigan. About 15 minutes from home you had had enough. You were achey and hungry. I leaned over your seat to feed you. That helped. 

The dogs were excited to be out of the jeep tko and ran around and around te back yard. 

Night number one was very hard on me. You were so cranky and sore from sitting in the jeep so long. We had dinner at uncle Eric's and you cried a lot. 

When we got home and in bed I cried because I missed your daddy. 

Things got set up the next day and it felt more like home. 

No pictures on my phone so I'll have to do those later. 

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