Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sunday ♥

Happy Sunday!
We spent the day relaxing, napping, watching tv, quick trip to goodwill...with no happy finds :(
ONLY because it was B's first thrift trip and he wasn't getting it? so no luck there...maybe next time i'll go by myself but after we left He surprised me and stopped at DQ to get ice cream!
It was amazing out

Im sorry for the confusion (mostly MY confusion) on the design here guys.
I really want to get it down JUST how I want it!
to my THREE lovely followers, thank you!! thank you!! thank you!!

so pardon me while I go back and forth on the layout, colors, header....and yess even the signature..
I'll get it all down soon and then we can all breathe and start to enjoy this whole blogging adventure!

and..if you could let me know..what ya think? leave comments!

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