Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Its time to rise and shine...and a give away

Good MORNING Lovelies!
When I was younger I went to summer camp and our counselor was the sweetest prettiest girl and so funny.
she sang this song to us every morning and ..yes.. I still sing it years later
I think when you hear something you love, that makes you smile, and makes you oh so happy you.. just...sorta remember it for the rest of your life
I wanted to share the song with you, and instructions on how to sing it
it goes like this
Good morning Good morning Good MORNING its time to get out of bed, Good morning Good morning Good MORNING its time to rise and shine!

now when singing this lovely little tune, you HAVE to sing it at the TOP of your lungs.
doing so will give you the right tune. It sounds silly, and you look silly doing it, but believe me,
its music to your loved ones ears...well maybe not everyones ears..
like my hunneee who pulls his pillow over his ears the moment he hears the first Good, or the second Morning..but I know he really loves it.
as did my younger brother when I had to peel him out of bed when in high school he insisted that he needed someone to wake him up because..'he couldnt hear the alarm going off'
so sing this song to your loved ones,
or even sometimes I do when I wake up,
or when My dear friend El texts me in the morning with
 a big beautiful GOOOOOOD MOOOORNING!
and im sitting in front of my computer and im all alone, I sang it to her

and venture over to Miss Elizabeths blog to enter in a give away!

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