Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Cheers to my momma

I talk to my momma everyday.
I call her when I need to know how many eggs to put in the potatoe pancakes
I call her when I need to know how long to cook the chicken so its done all the way through
I call her when I want to thank her for the letter and cards she sent to me
I call her when I need to know if this sounds like a good idea
or that sounds like a good idea

and then yesterday she told me she was proud of me
and I needed to hear that
because latley I haven't felt the greatest
and I haven't felt like I've been doing anything right
and it felt amazing to hear her tell me how proud she is of me
how happy she is that im doing such a good job of taking care of the hubbs
and making him dinner
and doing his laundry
and organizing our new apartment
she thinks i've become a lovely little house wife
and I almost cried

I haven't always been the bestest of daughters
we haven't always gotten along
but over the past few years
I have grown to know how much my momma loves me
and how she would go to the ends of the earth for me
and so Cheers to my momma

So call your mom right now
or if your lucky enough to go in the other room
or down the street
or across town
and give your momma a big ol hug
and a big smackaroo right on the cheek
and tell her how much you love her
because as some of you know..
your momma might not always be there for you
to tell you how much she loves you
or how proud of you she is

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