Thursday, February 17, 2011


I went to Barnes and Noble last week and picked up a copy of A daily creativity journal 365, a couple black sketchbooks, and some new markers.
Now my original plan was to follow along with the book and do SOMETHING in the journal everyday for a year...BUT the sketchbook only has 280 pages...which I have started to do a drawing a day based on things ive done that day. yeah I know this is nothing like my plan so im thinking of starting something new..any ideas? I see everyone who does the 365 photos a day and all the different versions, like taking a photo of yourself everyday, or taking a photo at the same time everyday, or a certain spot everyday to see how it changes over the year. And since I have this great camera, and haven't really been using it I think something like this might be a good idea for me, to really get to know my camera.. im just not sure. I am going to participate in the 30 days of lists project found on
this might help me get organized, and work out a schedual for the blog, so that its not so speratic..  let me know if you have any ideas

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