Thursday, February 24, 2011

I have a confession.....

This could easily turn into a vent sesh, but ill try to keep on track promise
Its 4:40 in the morning and my feelings are so hurt I cant sleep
It starts yesterday (the good part)
I had such a good day
slept in (actually i just pushed snooze about a million times and finally decided to just turn off my alarm)
spent some time on my NEW computer
reading all you lovely ladies blogs, where I learned this {putting links into the clicky words!}
and found some neato things in common with her {both of our hubbs are marines, and stationed here! }
and made a cute painting in which my father in law would dissaprove of my carpentry skills
{I used a screw to drill a whole, watered down acrylic paint to stain a board, and a shoe to nail a few holes}
nonetheless it turned out cute, and I felt like I could conquer anything! {ill share pictures once it gets light out enough so I dont need my flash}
I cleaned the guest room for my guest whos coming next week
finally folded all of our laundry
and a bunch of other random things no-one cares about

so the hubbs got home, and hopped in the shower like normal
I went to get a towel from under the sink and he goes 'hey'
'hey hunnee! how was work?'
'okay, what did you do today?'
'um, {paraphrasing because I just told you it all}'
'oh, ok'
'so um yeah, im starting dinner now'
so he finishes his shower, and then I have to go search for his missing pants
and then when dinner's done I go tell him
this is where it starts to slide downhill
hes passed out, I didn't really care, because sometimes work takes it out of him and he's wiped so I told him I was going to eat
'uh huh'
so I did, I ate dinner alone
and then I waited an hour before putting his food into the refrigerator
and then waited another our to go see if he wanted to get up so he would be able to sleep last night
and then realized he wasn't getting up
so I watched tv..alone
and then decided I would go to bed
and a little light shined and I thought it would be okay
he turned over and snuggled up to me, and kissed me good night and told me he loved me

and this is the bad part
I couldn't fall asleep at first
and by first I mean...for two hours I layed in bed not being able to sleep
and then finally at somewhere around 1 am I did
then just three measily hours later.. b's alarm goes off
and we commence our morning routine
he gets ready and I stay curled up in bed, but watch everything he does
'hunnee, dont forget your wallet right there'
'i KNOW!'

hear the breaks inside my head screaching...what?!
maybe its just because we are a different species
but that sort of felt like a slap in the face
here I am being sweet loving wife, not minding that you were exhausted last night
not minding that you slept through my delicious dinner
not minding that I had to watch How I met your mother alone
or two and a half men alone
and you SNAP at me? for reminding you to not forget your wallet?
well excuse me

so I rolled over, and cuddled up to my teddy bear
and he finishes getting ready and leans over the bed and kisses my cheek
and then leaves..

and heres the confession
I take things too  personally
I know I do this, and yet I still get upset over them

he did just send me a text message telling me he loved me { he does this when he knows hes been a morning jerk to me }

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