Friday, November 8, 2013

36 weeks

This is the 37 week mark. 
So here's the stuff from last week 

36 weeks

Dear watermelon baby. 
Yeah. You brodester. You are the size of a watermelon. While I'm sure they mean those cute little seedless kinds I'm picturing one of those big honkers that take up the whole front of the cart. At least that's how you feel to me. They say babies on average this week are 6.5 lbs. that's a bag of sugar and a lb of butter we can almost make cookies. :) I promise to make cookies with you often. They also say your merman practice is continuing more this week in preparation (breathing in amniotic fluid) and that your sucking your thumb and blinking. The books also say your rolling from side to side... And I'm not a fan of that. It feels so uncomfortable when you do! Any day now little man. Any. Day. I love you so much. 
Xoxo mommy 

Lots of pressure "down there"
Back aches all the time. 
When Brody moves around it hurts 
An outer ear infection. AGAIN. 
Still swollen 

I really wanted some pickles last night
Spicy Doritos

A few trips to labor and delivery. The first one because you weren't moving much. That scared me. 
And the second one because my blood pressure was high the first time so they had me come back to check it again. Well still high so they hooked me up to the monitors and drew some labs. And then came in to tell me I have preeclampsia. And they want me to do a 24 hour urine. 

And that we would be getting induced Wednesday morning. 

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