Thursday, November 21, 2013

Week FOUR aka my baby is one month old.

You guys. Brody is a month old. A MONTH. I can't take it. I know that's nothing in the grand scheme of his whole life ahead of him but to this first time mama it's insane. I never really believed people when they would say "cherish every moment because it flies by" I would just sort of shrug it off but it really feels like we just came home from the hospital. 
Maybe it's the sleep deprivation that makes it go faster? But really... Doesn't that seem a little backwards? It seems to me like that would make it go by slower...

Speaking of sleep deprivation! 
This little chunky monkey who has been cluster feeding and tearing up my poor nipples slept for almost four hours last night. When he woke up I couldn't believe what time it was and triple checked the alarm clock and my phone thinking one if them HAD to be off. 
Let's cross our fingers that that time gets longer and longer! 

Since he's gaining weight super well I don't have to worry about waking him up to eat anymore :) that makes me super happy because it's a lot to make me get up and go get him every two or three hours in the middle of the night. Which brings me to the second thing. We've totally been bed sharing. The past week it's been so much easier for me to just bring him to bed with us because even though he eats just before we go up to sleep he wants time at again as soon as were up there, and I've totally mastered side nursing. (ok maybe that's exaggerating a little bit, but I've totally figured out how to do it) so he nurses a little while and then I make sure he's got a clean diaper and we fall asleep. 

Then a few hours later he starts yakking at me you moms know what I'm talking about right? Yak yak yak this cute little grunt to say hey mom. I'm sort of hungry! 
Lol I love it. He does it a lot now. 

So it's about twice a night that he wants to eat. Which is good because by the time he wants to eat my breast are full and if I don't get him on quickly I'm leaking all over the place. Breastfeeding is a messy thing. Maybe I'm just not very good at it yet? Someone tell me it gets less messy please! 

So besides the breastfeeding which is going fairly well aside from some pretty uncomfortable let down that feels like I'm being pinched, and some sore nipples from piranha boy everythingn else is going great!

He loves his daddy and as soon as he gets home from work he's like gimme him! Lol he cuddles with daddy holding him on his chest. He tries to lift his head up but he doesn't have the best control over it quite yet. 

He LOVES the glider all his aunts and great grandma Camling got him. It's a graco glider that rocks and vibraites and you can take the seat out to be a bouncer. We spent some time outside this past weekend because it was crazy nice out and he just slept in there and soaked up some filtered rays! 

He stays awake longer and longer during the day and makes funny faces. 
He's perfect you guys. 

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