Friday, November 8, 2013

Week one

Dear baby bee,
Oh my. Your here! Your absolutely perfect and I don't know how I could love you any more than I do now. It's like it hurts I love you so much. This first week had been... Hard. We've been in and out of the hospital. You have jaundice, it's been hard watching you under the bili lights not really being able to do much for you. At first I was breastfeeding you but some
Doctor told me that you weren't getting enough calories from me and that I had to start supplementing with formula. That was so had to hear beetle. I cried a lot that night. But I knew we had to give it to you so you could gain some weight to help with the jaundice. The night we came back to the hospital my milk came in and we could finally give you my milk which is supposed to be very good for you. I hope it helps bee. 
Your soooo freaking cute. I know all moms say that but you really are. Your the cutest most perfect little bee I have ever seen in my entire life. Your daddy is absolutely smitten with you. Hes been amazing and the first few nights of your life he changed every single diaper and helped with feeding you! 
He's tired of the hospital but that's because the hospital is a rough place to be when you can't do anything to help. 
It's defeating. 
I hope that you start to get better beetle. 
I love you
Xoxo mommy. 

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