Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Day 2 of Brad back to work.

Day two of brad going back to work starts NOW. 
4:30 am: 
He just pulled out of the driveway. 
Brody has a full belly and a clean diaper on and with that I'm attempting to go back to sleep. 
Too tired for any feelings about it. 
8:00 am: 
Going to change bee and his poor little diaper rash. He peed all over the bed and I decided to give him his second bath at home instead of rubbing the diaper rash cream off his little booty. So I drew a bath and got in with him. Let his poor butt soak in the warm water to soothe it. I feel bad for him. After I washed him off and rinsed him I let his little legs float in the water and then let him breast feed. Bundled him up in a towel while I got dressed. Since he didn't finish eating in the tub after I got him dressed I finished feeding him. Wrapped him up in his blanket and picked up the laundry. 

9:00 am: 
Brought the beetle downstairs and put him in his glider. Picked up the living room and kitchen, swept the floors and mopped. Put some country music on. Let the dogs play outside and gave them fresh water and food. Finished picking up and decided on dinner. Were almost to payday and didn't get groceries last check so were basically cleaning out the cupboards. Started the laundry already too. 
Now it's 10:00 am and I'm done with everything besides laundry. 
10:23 am: 
Made a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Diet Pepsi can only hold you over for so long :) 
Can I wake Brody up? 

11:00 am: 
I'm halfway going to take the rest of the day off relaxing on the couch cuddling with Brody. 

11:30 am: 
Never mind. I'm taking some pictures of Brody for announcements. 
11:45 am:
I suck at newborn photos. 

Spent some time on the computer and the rest of the day relaxing with Brody. 

Brad got home and I made dinner. 

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