Friday, November 15, 2013

Week 2

This week has been so good! You had your second doctors apt. Your gaining weight really well! You gained 100g since your last apt on Friday! (In three days!) so now it's probably even more! 
Your bilirubin level also went back down. Friday it was at 16 which scared the crap outta me. But at your next apt it was back down to 12 :) 
I feel like a huge weight is lifted from my shoulders! Were doing everything right to help you. My milk is helping you! 
You've got the cutest little voice when your not screaming about getting your diaper changed. It's just a little squeek. And it's soooo cute. Your expressions are adorable too. It's just everything. You are my favorite thing in the whole world. Your daddy's too. He came home from work yesterday (his first day back) and you could just tell how much he missed you while he was gone. He kissed you and played with you and held you and loved you. You have this magical super power. You can put anyone to sleep. Idk how many times I've came in and caught your daddy fast asleep with you on his chest sleeping all sprawled out and completely comfy. 
Lots of love little man. 
Xoxo mommy. 

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