Wednesday, July 10, 2013

17 weeks

hello baby!
sitting at the doctors waiting for my ultrasound was TORTURE! I was so so so nervous and scared and ugh.
sooo the doctor comes in. has me lay down and gets right to work checking out all the markers for you. they ALLL looked normal! now this doesn't completely expel any chance that you have anything wrong but its enough to put my mind at ease.
I cant believe how much you grew since we last saw you a few weeks ago... wait that was 5 weeks! I guess I sort of can believe it...  I mean you LOOK like a baby now!
sooooo DRUM roll please. because I know everyone else is DYING to know what you are just like we were!

are you as surprised as we were?!
I would totally show you what we saw but I don't want him to kill me one day for displaying his man junk all over the inter web.
but he was NOT shy! he had his legs spread wide open for us to see and let me just say... there was NO question about it.
she didn't tell us how big you were in inches but she did let us know your 6 oz now. I have only gained 8 lbs this WHOLE time! its crazy to me that that's all it is because I'm growing so big now.
the best part?! Daddy picked your name!
Brody Charles Camling
okay so back to my regular weekly baby journal post!
Symptoms: fatigue, swelling in the feet and hands
I could be on my feet too much possibly.... but there's also the heat! its been in the upper 80's for a few days.
cravings: fried pickles thanks to my Father in Law for putting that in my head...
Cheese burgers, fries
love mom

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