Thursday, July 18, 2013

23 weeks

23 weeks now...
time is seriously FLYING by.
I am shocked every time I look at the little tracker countdown thing on the what to expect when your expecting.

soo 23 weeks.
cravings: anything and everything I am constantly hungry. I really try to make smart choices and choose things that are nutritious...but sometimes you just want some chips.. or candy.
symptoms. HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE! at my last apt I had high blood pressure were talking like 142-88 which isn't good.
so my doc sent me up to labor and delivery to be monitored... way scarier than it sounds. they just put a BP cuff on me and I laid in bed.
so anyways it went right back down and I had a follow up apt this week to check it again.
it was a little higher than normal but my doctor wasn't as concerned with it. they will just be keeping an eye on it a little closer to make sure were okay.
not much else. a little tired but that means I get to lay down and nap with Daddy. hes been an absolute peach lately and seems to be getting more and more excited for you to come! yesterday I was watching TV. texting daddy while he was at work and i felt you kick my hand. coolest thing EVER! so I moved my hands and saw you kick my belly!!! that was seriously one of the COOLEST things so far. i tried to record you but you wouldn't do it again. I thought it was funny because normally you just squirm around when I have my hands there but I guess your getting big and strong enough to do something about it! I love you so so so much already and I can't wait until I get to hold you.

and some photos from my week.....
my belly is so freaking cute isn't it?

I have been trying so hard to get dressed and ready everyday.. it makes me feel so much better.

daddy nap cuddles. 

harder and harder to paint my toes. spilled half the bottle of sinful colors in Hazard :( my new favorite combo though is that and the other one maybelline express finish in sun sparkle. thanks sees for letting me have that one! the combo makes the perfect summer color. shiny shimmery and i love it. 

yup... you see what that says? 16 weeks and 6 days left. what did I tell you about time flying by?!

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