Wednesday, July 10, 2013

19 weeks

guess what?
I took a bump photo this week.
your welcome
I'm totally teasing.
okay so still gonna show some pictures from the week and what i put in the baby journal.
Hey baby boy!
you have grown a ton this week! your no the size of a large heirloom tomato.
about 10 oz. and around 7 inches. (PS they measure you babies from crown (the top of your head) to rump (your booty))
this week you have pushed my belly our and everyone and their mother can for SURE tell that I'm pregnant. which is kind of fun because they don't think hell look at that fat ass.
I had 5 strangers comment in ONE day! one lady? "sorry for staring at your belly its just so cute how its just pushing into everything (we were in line at subway and you wanted to say hi to the chips and give them a kiss. ) then? the two women behind the counter piped up and told me all about their opinions and comments. the other two? are you having a boy? yes crazy how do you know?
Grandpa Camling thinks its really funny... my belly getting bigger. I'm not even going to tell you his comment.
k so cravings? subs. I want to devour them. like in seconds. I'm so hungry all the time. I was willing to walk a couple miles just to go but thankfully Liz offered to bring me.
Love you Brody!
xoxo Mom


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