Wednesday, July 10, 2013

22 weeks


this week. its crazy.
and you know what? I blame coffee. 
its the best thing in the entire world.
I'm not quite sure how I quit drinking it before, but I will NEVER EVER EVER quit again.
I have gotten so much done this week. we had a couple staying with us last weekend and so before that I seriously went to town on our house and cleaned everything
I organized closets, and cleaned our bedroom and bathrooms. I cleaned the downstairs and the garage, I even cleaned the mudroom which is now a LAUNDRY ROOM!
which then helped fuel my cleaning frenzy. as soon as we got the washer and dryer hooked up I went and took all the covers off the couch cushions and washed them. I washed sheets and clothes and blankets. there isn't one dirty piece of fabric in our house. My counselor thinks that I am nesting already. I say who cares what it's called if I'm finally getting stuff done! 
sooo thank you International delight for inventing cinnabon creamer. thank you sydni for introducing it to me. 
and thanks Maxwell house for inventing the wake up coffee!
and before anyone makes any snide comments. I am allowed a little bit of caffeine every day. and my ONE cup of super creamer coffee isn't even close to that. 

 went on a date with the mister too :)
 making some bunny slippers.

what else is new? 
um... it took me a couple weeks to get the dogs in the bath. I was prepared yesterday to go out and wash them in the driveway but couldn't find their shampoo so today we just went to the tub and used regular shampoo. they smell super yummy. 

wet dog jail lol

tomorrow is my next apt for Brody and I cant wait to see how hes doing. 
that's about it!
xoxo Jenn

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