Wednesday, July 10, 2013

15 Weeks

I haven't taken a picture this week...
but I did write in my baby journal so I'm going to share what I wrote for the next few weeks in the next few posts and then its back to my weekly pictures.
which BTW I have been doing AWESOME at taking. just so you know... :)

okie dokie artichoke.
15 weeks
Hello Baby!
symptoms: light back ache in lower half, but not much else!
cravings: still wanting fruit every second of the day.
maternity clothes? yep! a couple shirts still work, but all my pants are now uncomfortable so I've made the switch!

this week your a ....softball? what happened to the fruit?!

I think me craving fruit has been really good because my belly doesn't look like its grown at fact it appears to be shrinking...are you still in there? silly to think that I know... where would you have gone?

I just love you so much! 

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