Wednesday, July 10, 2013

18 weeks

My sweet baby boy, you are definitely growing!
this week you are the size of a chicken breast... about 6 inches long and 8 oz. I am enjoying you move around. its the coolest feeling ever.
symptoms: not too many at all! in fact.. I can't think of a thing...
cravings: No bake cookies.. I have made two batches this week and I have eaten about one all by myself.

your next apt is in 3 weeks.. I really wish I could just feel your heart beat or get my own Doppler thing. I looked into it because I saw that there is one you can hook up to your IPhone.. its $2,000
are you serious? (PS that's a lot.. that's about what your daddy makes in one month.) which reminds me I really need to put some receipts in your baby book so you can know the cost of things now vs when your grown and wondering how much stuff cost when you were little.
okay so I was super emotional for a couple days. crying for no reason... hormones are a crazy crazy thing.
Brody I seriously cannot wait until your here.
Lots of love

gas sucks. it makes me want to barf all over the dirty ground.

oh me? I'm just a gardener. watering my plants.

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